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compressor filters

Premium Compressor Filters

Go with the flow! Replacement filters from 100's of OEMs.

Dust collector part and test kits

Industrial Dust Collector Parts & Test Kits

What's the condition of your damn filters? Our test kits can help.

Dust Collector Valves & Repair Kits

Dust Collector Valves & Repair Kits

Featuring solenoid valves, diaphragm valves, and repair kits.

HEPA and High-Efficiency Filters

DAMN FILTERS HEPA & High-Efficiency Filters

HEPA and other high-efficiency filters for industrial use.

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Don’t wait eight weeks for your order, as you will with other places. We carry hundreds of popular part numbers in stock, ready today. Most custom filter orders will ship in three to five days, whether you buy one or 1,000. That’s less than a week.

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Made in the USA!

Our dust collector filters are made in the USA with all US-sourced materials.

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