HEPA and other High-Efficiency Filters

Large HEPA and High-Efficiency Filters for clean rooms, hospitals and pharma.

HEPA is a high efficiency filter and our American Made HEPA manufacturing meets the highest expectations of OEM's like, APC, Filter 1 HEPA, BioMAX, Camfil HEPA, Donaldson HEPA, Scientific Filter HEPA, Air Handler HEPA, Torit HEPA and Omnitec.  

Our industrial HEPA filters are perfect for hospitals, cleanrooms, and industrial HEPA units.

Our HEPA's, high-efficiency filters and DOP panel filters are made to give you the highest level of filtration available for industrial applications. Damn Filters is a leading HEPA filter supplier and HEPA filter manufacturer for the USA and world-wide. Our top seller is the 24 x 24 x 12 (24 x 24 x 11.5) HEPA filter. (Common size for Donaldson Torit HEPA filters.)