Metal Mesh Filters

DAMN Filters has a wide selection of Metal Mesh Filters in a variety of sizes. Our metal mesh line up includes standard weight metal mesh filters, heavy duty metal mesh filters, mist eliminator filters, and other special order items not listed. The standard metal mesh filters are used for light industrial, commercial, schools, and office building. The heavy duty filters are used for industrial, commercial, schools, office buildings, hospitals, and hotels. The mist eliminator filters are used for industrial shops, humidifiers, cooling towers, and cooling coils. 

Our selection of metal mesh filters go beyond what you see on this page. Here are a few examples of the filters we can order for you, stainless steel wire mesh screen, aluminum mesh filter, washable metal air filters. If you need a custom sized filter, give us a call and we will be glad to assist you. 

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Dust Collector Filter Finder

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