DAMN Filter Media Upgrade Specs:

Standard Filter Media: 80% Cellulose / 20% Polyester Blend

  • Composition: Cellulose/Polyester paper blend
  • MERV Rating: MERV 11 - 99.95% efficient @ .5 microns
  • Continuous Max Temp: 180 degrees
  • Air Permeability: 23 cfm feet squared @ 0.5” W.C.
  • ASHRAE 52.2 Test: Initial 52.2
  • Flow Rate: 5.6 FPM
  • Applications: Grinding dust, blast booths, powder and dry chemical processing, non-oily welding smoke.
  • Notes: Non-washable

Upgrade Option 2: High Strength Fire-Retardant Nanofiber

  • Composition: Fire-Retardant Nanofiber  (80/20 media with a synthetic layer applied electrostatically)
  • Maximum Continuous Temperature Resistance: 175 F.
  • Weight: 166#/3000 ft2
  • Thickness: .022"
  • Air Permeability: 28 cfm Frazier
  • Filtration Efficiency: Merv 15. 99.97% efficient @ .3 microns

Nanofiber is best used when recirculating exhaust back into the facility. It offers excellent filter cleanability and enhanced filter efficiencies with high air permeability and good chemical resistance. Our typical customer experiences 10% to 20% longer filter life with Nanofiber. Great for problem applications where fine particles are involved, like in welding, plasma cutting, flame cutting, laser cutting, metalizing, and ferrous metal grinding.


Upgrade Option 2: 100% Spun Bond Polyester

  • Composition: 100% Spunbonded  Polyester
  • Maximum Continuous Temperature Resistance: 200 F. (Upgradeable to 250 F. upon request.)
  • Weight: 166#/3000 ft2
  • Thickness: .022"
  • Air Permeability: 28 CFM Frazier
  • Filtration Efficiency: MERV 12 BIA Classification U.S.G and C.  99.9% when tested against Quartz Dust with 90% particles lying between 1.2um and 2um. Filtration Velocity =  3.36 m/min.

Spun Bond offers superior abrasion and moisture resistance and can be operated at up to 200 F.  (Upgradeable to 250 F. upon request.) Open pleat structure allows for use under high dust loading conditions while providing great dust release and can be washed up to four times and reused. Excellent for applications in Chemical processing, pharmaceutical, pigment, plastics, mineral and metal processing, paper, cardboard, cement, cocoa, coffee, aluminized oxide, and rubber grinding dust.