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Oval Dust Collector Filter - DFO Replacements

Oval Dust Collector Filter Cartridges. Replacements for Donaldson® Downflo® (DFO) and Similar Units.

Our oval configuration replacement filters as cross referenced by: Clark, Donaldson, Environmental, Nordson, Provent, TDC, Torit and Vortex. (See all oval filter part numbers.)

These filters have never ridden on a boat.

We make all our oval replacement filters with quality US-made and US-sourced materials from the top down. Using heavy gauge steel structural elements, one-piece closed cell neoprene gaskets, polyurethane potting compound and heavy duty filter media on the inside. Damn, that's true industrial grade.

Suitable replacement filters for Downflo Oval (DFO) models:

DFO 1-2
DFO 2-2
DFO 3-3
DFO 2-4
DFO 2-8
DFO 2-12
DFO 2-16
DFO 2-24
DFO 2-36
DFO 3-6
DFO 3-10
DFO 3-12
DFO 3-18
DFO 3-24
DFO 3-36
DFO 3-48
DFO 3-60
DFO 3-72
DFO 4-16
DFO 4-32
DFO 4-48
DFO 4-64
DFO 4-80
DFO 4-96
DFO 4-128

Downflo Workstation Dust Collector Filters

DWS 4-1
DWS 4-2
DWS 4-3
DWS 4-4
DWS 6-1
DWS 6-2
DWS 6-3
DWS 6-4

Filter replacements for Donaldson Downflo oval (DFO)

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