Duct Work for Industrial Ducting Systems

Need to build, upgrade or replace your ducting system? DAMN Filters can make the process easy, quick and affordable. Send a blueprint or a drawing to us and we will take it from there. We'll send you a 3-D model of your ductwork system, a list of the components necessary and an order-of-install. 

The system is available in galvanized and SS material. Gauges range from 18-24 gauge with the rolled lip formed directly onto the pipe — as an integral part of the pipe. The system is also available in gauges up to 10 gauge. Using the combination of a separate 11" long adjustable sleeve and/or the integral adjustable collar on each fitting, the clamp together system is infinitely adjustable. If you can imagine it, we can duct it! 

In addition to straight pipe and many different diameters of fittings, we have fume extraction arms, spark trap arrestors, floor sweeps, oil mist accumulators and more. Call us at (844) 605-3266.