Duct Work for Industrial Ducting Systems

If you are looking to build, upgrade, or replace your ducting system, DAMN Filters can make the process easy, quick, and affordable. Send a blueprint or a drawing of the system to us and we will take it from there. We will quickly send you a 3-D model of your Ductwork system, a list of the components necessary, and even an order-of-install clearly stating what pieces go where and when.

In addition to common pieces of ducting such as straight pipe and all diameters of fittings, we also have fume extraction arms, spark trap arrestors, floor sweeps, oil mist accumulators, and so much more. Call us at (844) 605-3266 with any questions and take advantage of letting us do all the DAMN dirty work.

Dust Collector Filter Finder

TIP: Search for either the part number or OEM name; don’t use both.