Wet Dust Collectors: Wet Downdrafts & Wet Booths

Dust Collector EquipmentSafely collecting combustible metal dusts. If your manufacturing facility is involved in the use, production, handling, storage, processing or recycling of combustible metals or explosive dust; consider catching the contaminants in a wet type dust collector or wet booth equipped with wet scrubbers.

See the NFPA 484 Standard for Combustible Metals, Metal Powders, and Metal Dusts (PDF) to help determine your regulatory requirements.

DAMN Filters Wet Dust Collection Systems

Wet Downdraft Tables

Wet Downdraft Table

A leading solution for the collection of combustible metal dust. Works on a number of exotic alloys and on fine dust particles. Perfect for deburring, buffing or sanding.

Single or Double-sided workstations ranging from 5 to 15 HP.

Model CFM Dimensions HP
DFDWT3-1 2500 30" x 36" 5
DFDWT3-2 2500 2 - 30" x 36" 5
DFDWT4-1 4000 30" x 48" 7.5
DFDWT4-2 4000 2 - 30" x 48" 7.5
DFDWT6-1 6000 30" x 72" 15
DFDWT6-2 6000 2 - 30" x 72" 15

Wet Booths

Industrial Wet Booth for Explosive Dust

Wet filtration eliminates combustible dust fires and flammable sparks from your process. Our wet walk-in booth, the 8' X 8' X 7.5 self-contained lighted environmental control booth uses our wet filtration system to draw the dust into the water dust collection system in the back of the booth. This removes hazardous dust, forcing it into a water bath, then into a mist elimination chamber (demister pads). more

Wet Dust Collectors / Water Dust Collectors

Wet Dust Collector

Our wet collectors meet OSHA and NFPA regulations for use in industrial applications where highly explosive dust (examples: aluminum and titanium) or oil mist are present. A wet scrubber dust collector renders the combustible dust inert. Wet collectors can also suitable where dusts are sticky or hygroscopic. 

Model CFM Dimensions HP
DFDWC1 1000 30 x 24 x 71 x 48 5
DFDWC2 2500 30 x 30 x 68 x 54 7.5
DFDWC4 4000 40 x 50 x 81 x 72 15
DFDWC6 6000 44 x 60 x 86 x 82 20
DFDWC8 8000 60 x 72 x 98 x 94 30
DFDWC10 10000 60 x 72 x 98 x 94 30


Custom Wet Collector Solutions

DAMN Wet Collectors

Every manufacturing facility and industrial process is unique. We offer many other types of wet type dust collectors and can provide wet dust collector design and engineering consults at no additional charge.

Questions about a machine, or if you'd like one of our engineers to review your requirements; please, message us or call (844) 605-3266.



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