Name Your DAMN Price! Dust collector filter deals.

Dust collector filter deals by DAMN Filters

Pay what you want to pay

Name Your DAMN Price is a great way to find savings by taking advantage of our production schedule. If your filter is a common model or dimension --26" for example-- then chances are it's on our production schedule and we might be able to "squeeze you" on to the schedule at a discounted price. (This works best with orders of 12-48 filters.)

TIP: Super cheap offers, low-balling, works great at grandma's garage sales; not at DAMN Filters. Our filters are the highest quality OEM replacements in the USA. We mean it when we say we'll accept any damned reasonable offer. Make it reasonable and we'll make it work.

So go ahead, name your damn price. We’ll get back to you damn fast, too, during regular business hours. Time us.