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Filter-1 OEM replacement Cartridge-FLCA30CClFOF Representative image. Actual appearance may be different.

OEM replacement��cartridge for Filter-1 FLCA30CCIFOF

Filter-1 OEM replacement Cartridge-FLCA30CClFOF

OEM: OEM replacement

  • 9200

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Filter Media Upgrade Options

This filter can be upgraded from standard 80/20 Cellulose/Polyester Blend, to:

100% Nanofiber FR:
This upgrade gives your filter 10%-20% longer life with enhanced cleanability and efficiency. Great for fine particles.


100% Spun Bond Polyester:
Superior abrasion and moisture resistance. Can be powerwashed up to four times. Can be operated up to 275 F.

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OEM replacement��cartridge for Filter-1 FLCA30CCIFOF

Dust Collector Filter Industrial Specifications

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