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Replacement Filter for P191544 Donaldson Torit

  • $111.47
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Replacement Filter Media Upgrades

  • Standard: 80/20 Cellulose/Polyester Blend - Max Temp: 175F. (MERV 11)
  • Upgrade: 100% Nanofiber FR - Max Temp: 175F. (MERV 15)
  • Upgrade: 100% Spun Bond Polyester: - Max Temp: 200F (upgradeable to 250F).
  • (See full filter media specs here.)

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P191544 Details

Replaces OEM: Donaldson Torit
Part Number: P191544
Dimensions: 9.47 x 13.83 x 27
Outside Diameter: 13.83"
Length: 27"
Inside Diameter: 9.47"
Top: Open
Bottom: Open
Shape: Round with inner/outer expanded metal 
Approx. Square Footage of Filter Media: 264
Notes: The OEM spec for this Donaldson Torit dust collector filter is Nanofiber. (Select the Nanofiber version from the dropdown box above.) Nanofiber is best to filter laser/plasma smoke and dust, oily weld fumes, and carcinogenic fumes. If you are just collecting general manufacturing dust then selecting 80/20 cellulose/polyester media on this filter can save you some money. Give us a call at (866) 393-0297 and we can help you determine the proper filter media for your application.

American Made with Pride. US-sourced materials.
Genuine Quality: Damn filters weigh a few pounds more on average than others because of heavier, more durable, materials. We also never skimp on filter media, or reduce pleats, to save a few bucks. True industrial filters.

Replacement Donaldson Torit dust collector filter

Replacement Filter Element: The canister filter-type Donaldson Torit Replacement cartridge filter includes; heavy gauge steel structural elements, one-piece closed cell neoprene gasket and polyurethane potting compound. Top Open end cap configuration.

Part Number History: Internal cross reference for this Donaldson Torit equivalent was last updated December, 2014. Its interchange control ID is, DF-393806968-01 and conforms to the proper dimension of a Donaldson Torit replacement filter for model number Replacement. It meets, or exceeds, the original Donaldson Torit filter specification for compatible dust collection systems.

Donaldson Torit Industrial Cartridge Filter

Dust Collector Filter Industrial Specifications

In addition to Donaldson Torit, we make OEM Replacement filters for all the top dust collectors and industrial ventilation in the industry today. We guarantee fit and function at an unbeatable price. If you don't see the industrial filter you need, call us today at (844) 605-3266 . We can cross reference any filter for your specific industiral application.

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